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Please follow what is written in the Terms of Service and “Law of Japanese”. By creating an account on, you agree that you have read and accepted all of the rules and terms of use.

If we confirm that a post does not comply with the following rules or terms of use, we will "delete the post" or "give the relevant file an NSFW flag (Mark as NSFW)" and in some cases "silence/freeze the account".

The logo of “” is a modified version of the “Misskey” logo. The license is taken over ffrom the license of the original “Misskey” logo.

Official Discord Server is here . We encourage you to join us, as we also provide a place to “report problems”, “server updates”, “server maintenance”, and other announcements.

Update Log

Note Specifications

When posting sensitive content, please be sure to follow the rules below to set "View with caution" or "Hide content".




This server basically encourages "the use of avoiding things you are not good at". For example, "statements that impose behavior on others" such as "I am very bad at this topic, so please don't talk about it on the timeline" are prohibited.



Submission of inappropriate files is prohibited

Submission of the following files is prohibited:

This is true even on "direct messages”.

Notes on Bot Development

The following Bot is prohibited from development:

Regarding MFM (Markup language For Misskey), which occupies long sentences and timelines such as novels

Although some pages may be automatically collapsed, we would appreciate it if you could set the content to be Hidden content (CW) if at all possible.

How to set Hide content, Mark as NSFW, and Default Mark as NSFW

How to Hide content


How to Mark as NSFW


How to set Mark as NSFW to Default


Regarding what goes into NSFW (Not Safe for Work)

What "NSFW"(Source: Wikipedia)

For our mutual self-preservation, please be sure to post your message with the "Mark as NSFW" and "Hide content" settings. In some cases, the AI will automatically set the viewer's attention, but if this is not working, be sure to set the Mark as NSFW and Hide content yourself.

In addition, please write a summary of the file with the "Mark as NSFW" setting in the "Comments" section. (eg. “NSFW”, “R-18”…) Example:




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